Since day one, it has been our mission to build community through engaging experiences, by connecting people in real time in real space.


New. Now. Next.

We are a forward-thinking, of the moment boutique production company in Manhattan. Our focus is on originality.

We create culturally relevant authentic experiences and performances that incorporate the individual into the story. Simply put, we set movements in motion.

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Connecting Cultures.

We draw from a decade+ of experience across varied forms of expression-fashion, music, the visual arts, performing arts, nightlife, and beyond-to unite different worlds for unexpected events.

Imagine hip-hop culture colliding with ballet. High-end fashion meets local street art. Picture an Anna Wintour & Shepard Fairey curated space. This is how we think, how we create, how we curate, and how we execute. It's in our DNA to let the imagination run wild and break through all barriers of the social norm.

Vance Garrett Productions

The Experience.

By creating space for different worlds to collide, we challenge expectation, pave the path for the never-before-seen, and set in motion maximum amplification. We toss out old scripts of being and allow the senses to run wild and experience anew. We take care of our audience with the same loving care we do our talent. And vice versa. And we welcome each to reciprocally participate in the environment.

Vance Garrett Productions