What's Next for VGP?

VGP has grown a great deal this past year. We worked on some of our all-time favorite projects with some of our favorite people. Our work included elements from the worlds of fashion, immersive storytelling, legit theatre, installation art, VR, environmental sound design, concert dance, musical performance, and beyond. We took our skills uptown to Lincoln Center, midtown to the Diamond Horseshoe, across the river to Greenpoint, to our own backyard at the historic Moynihan Station, and down to Miami's Wynwood neighborhood. Our family grew to include members with new areas of expertise including design, fashion, and social media, for starters.

Integrating these fresh viewpoints with our preexisting capabilities has enriched our conversations and opened up dialogues with a larger world.

This growth has allowed us to envision new frontiers and has challenged us to keep widening our sandbox. So we've been asking ourselves, in a perfect world, what's next for VGP?

Vance Garrett Productions

Who?: Who do we want to work with in 2016? Good people. Different cultures, rebels and mavericks, experts and community leaders…old and young people. Tech stars and fashion icons. Athletes and poets. Opera singers and politicians. Gays, straights, and everything in between. Visionaries who expand our worldview.

What?: What sort of projects do we want to undertake? We want to be a part of projects that continue to put a premium on the live experience, on what it means to be a social human being right here and right now in 2016. We want to do work that allows us deeper connections to one another, to share knowledge, and to access great art and important stories.

When?: When do we want to create? We love annual projects and rituals, like the Spring/break Art Show, the Lantern Floating at Lincoln Center, and HallowQueen, but we want to build community and creative work throughout the year. We believe moments of solitude are to be cherished, but we long for social communion year-round.

Where?: Where do we want to create? New York is and will always be home, yet we're inspired by our trips abroad-to London, Panama…Cabo. Collaborating with and uniting cultures is one of our pillars, and our dreams take us from Silicon Valley to the White House. From downtown gyms to farms upstate…from Fire Island to Iceland.

Why?: Why is the live experience important? Because in a world of information overload and non-stop digital connectivity, we feel it's as important as ever to create quality social events that treat us as real people that feel and think in our bodies, not as machines that consume. Events anchor us in and give testament to us being a part of a larger community and environment. We are corporeal beings that have real physical and emotional needs to be with other people.

How?: How are we going to create great new experiences? By continuing to work with our trusted collaborators-those who have grown with us and continue to inspire us. But we also want to embrace new conversations and collaborations with new spirits that are similarly interested in breaking new ground in the arts, storytelling, and the live experience.

If you've asked yourself any of these questions and found commonality in the answers, please let us know. We are born collaborators and can't wait to find our newest teammates.

-Team VGP