The New Look of VGP.

2016 marks ten years of Vance Garrett Productions, and what initially began as a one-man show has grown several times over becoming a whole team operation. The nature of projects has evolved from seasonal, under-the-radar one-off events to high-profile collaborations that require months and even years of planning. So we decided to commemorate this new chapter and decade with a revamped visual identity that conveys who we are, what our POV is, and the quality of work we do today. It was time for Vance Garrett Productions to become VGP.

We began this process of creating a new logo and site months ago. We engaged designer Michael Kogler of KGLR, and the collaborative experience was thrilling. We reestablished what inspires us to do the work we do and how we accomplish it. We found that everyone in our team shares a desire to be a part of projects and work with people that are original and move the needle. We learned we all believe in the power of art, truth, beauty, and authenticity. And that we feel we are in perpetual motion.

We learned we're as comfortable speaking with Fortune 500 bigwigs as we do with subway buskers.

-Vance Garrett

But we also articulated what we're not. We're not wedding planners, a big impersonal corporate machine, nor overstated hype men. We aren't the newest kids on the block-we've been around it…and yet are still inspired to keep creating and making way for the new…

Vance Garrett Productions

We discovered how we're different; we see events as compelling theatre, and we care about the audience experience first and foremost. We know that our ability to toggle between and draw from the breadth of different

forms of expression and performance is what uniquely sets us apart. We like to collaborate and be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and we love to create experiences that allow other people to feel the same.

Michael created logos that illuminated different facets of us. Some were poetic, others rebellious, and all were eye-catching…but we kept circling back to one of the early favorites, the one that lives on our site today. We found it to be open, welcoming, assured, and balanced. It is original without having to scream it. It conveys a sense of unity and is the unexpected sum of its parts. It's composed of different connected punctuation marks-symbols that unite, accent, and embrace expressions. And this is how we understand the value of our work and how we do it.

Vance Garrett Productions Logo

We love to highlight the unexpected and the never-before-seen. We understand how to unite the "slash" generation, the age of multiple identities. We use our own connections to accomplish a project's goals. And we're often the calm in the eye of the storm, navigating challenges with patience, knowledge, and resiliency, like parentheses holding together key statements. This is how we see VGP.

Yet we also hope that each one of our collaborators and guests will see something different in this logo and endow it with their own meaning. We never aim to be too on-the-nose or didactic, and we always want to leave room for the individual to complete the picture. We've left open plenty of space in both the VGP logo and site.

Enjoy exploring our work, and we hope to see you soon at one of our productions in person.

-Team VGP