The Inside Scoop on 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, the team at VGP is taking a moment to remember some of our favorite collaborations from the past twelve months. It was a year of non-stop transition, a true roller coaster of ups and downs for the city, the country, and the world. But our community grew at every turn as we found others who found strength in collective joy. The events, performances, and rituals we created together gave testament to the power of art, music, and laughter while gently reminding us that everything is cyclical. We shared our silliness with the world and made some of our zaniest, technicolor dreams come true, our own form of resistance in the face of an uncertain world. We chose creativity over fear and collaboration over separation. These experiences gave us strength to keep marching forward into the unknown, so we’re recalling them before we begin another trip around the sun.

Here are our very favorite 16 collaborations and moments from 2016…

1. Matrix Imagination

Working with LDJ Productions, the creatives at Matrix, Windmill Factory, Abdur Rahim-Jackson, and dozens of dancers, artists, musicians, and designers to creatively direct the multi-media opening show for Matrix Imagination ’16, featuring hundreds of sound-responsive “balloons with brains” lighting up to create a kaleidoscopic, immersive spectacle.

2. Spring / Break Art Fair

Co-producing with The They Co. the annual curators’ art fair during Armory Arts Week at the upper regions of the historic Moynihan Station…and saying hi to Bill Cunningham one last time.

3. TruTV Upfronts

Creating with Event Resources TruTV’s Upfronts Afterparty at the Diamond Horseshoe with some of our favorite performers from the House of Yes, the Love Show, and Acroback.

4. H&M’s Close the Loop Campaign Launch

Launching H&M’s eco-conscious Close the Loop campaign with Vault49 in alignment with Earth Day at H&M’s New York headquarters.

Vance Garrett Productions

5. Bianco at St. Ann’s Warehouse

Taking a field trip across the East River to see our friends at St. Ann’s Warehouse masterfully pull off a tented immersive, promenade circus under the Brooklyn Bridge (…just a few of our favorite things!).

6. Lowline Underground Garden Party

Bringing to the life Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights at the Lowline Lab with a dozen painted performers and one snake with Empire Entertainment.

Vance Garrett Productions

7. MR PORTER Block Party

Shutting down Crosby Street and opening up the doors to the Jean Shop, Saturdays, Miansai, and other MR PORTER favorites during New York Men’s Fashion Week for the fashionistas’ party of the summer.

Vance Garrett Productions

8. Museum of Ice Cream

Creating an oversized, swimmable pool of sprinkles and a full-sensory immersive playground for 30,000 fans of ice cream, beating the New York dog days of summer in the coolest, most photogenic way possible.

Vance Garrett Productions

9. Lab / Shul HiHos

Making interfaith festivities realities with our “artist-driven, everybody-friendly experimental community” friends at Lab/Shul. L’chaim!

10. HallowQueen 8: Secret Society

Producing our annual Halloween “costumes mandatory!” party, this year with DJ Scott Martin and in support of Gays Against Guns.

11. Turner Classic Films ‘Watch TCM” Launch

Directing performative vignettes for Empire Entertainment, creating scenes inspired by such classics as Clerks, Moulin Rouge, and The Seventh Seal.

Vance Garrett Productions

12. Life Is Priceless Foundation Gala, The Great Escape

Writing, casting, and directing a Houdini-inspired gala with Amanda Pierce Productions, supporting the great work that the Life Is Priceless Foundation is doing for suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

Vance Garrett Productions

13. Lowline Anti-Gala

Going down the rabbit hole with a cast of Wonderland-inspired characters and acts, celebrating the great headway the Lowline has made this year (…front page news on the New York Times!)

14. Pip’s Island

Consulting with our friends on this live interactive adventure for all ages, “an unparalleled, groundbreaking, immersive play experience combining exploration, empowerment, and education.” This is the show we wish existed when we were kids!

15. Polar Express Train Ride

Executive directing the New York areas’ Polar Express experience for Event Energizers in Morristown, New Jersey…helming a magical cast of 30, on a true historic short line railroad for 20,000 believers.

Vance Garrett Productions

16. MR PORTER Holiday Pop-Up at Soho House

Closing out the year with another festive MR PORTER collaboration, inviting friends to Soho House for some hot chocolate and last-minute holiday shopping with live embroidery, calligraphy, and gift-wrapping…with shareable moments from the gang at SharingBox and Grey Goose.

Vance Garrett Productions

Thank you for all of the joy and laughter, truly. We’ve had as much fun planning and creating these experiences as anyone attending, if not more so! Looking forward to making and sharing many more memories with you in 2017…

Happy New Year!

-The VGP Team